Why ISO service is better than what you have today?


Madia Bestman | Jul 31, 2020 Latest From ISO

Affordability * Flexibility * Fast response * Trustworthy * Best customer care

These are the main reasons why ISO service is better than what you have today:

1) Affordability:
We understand the financial burden that international students face when coming to the U.S. With a current membership population of over 150,000 international students, we offer the most competitive premium rates in the market.

2) Flexibility:
Tell us what your administration needs and we will design a plan just for you! We will satisfy the institution's requirements in terms of enrollment, reporting, and plan design. Our plans offer a wide range of benefits, from basic coverage to ACA comparable plans, based on the school’s requirements.

3) Trustworthy:
Our reputation among international students is good and solid! Our relationships with advisors are very important to us. We are always dedicated in providing bespoke services.

4) Fast Response:
We understand, as an advisor, the need to work in a timely manner to meet the needs of students. With our outstanding customer service, you are guaranteed a response in 30 minutes or less.

5) Best Customer Service:
Our experience as former international students has made us dedicated to offering quality service to our members. With representatives fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Hebrew and more, we are the primary resource to assist students with health care terminology.

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About ISO Student Health Insurance

Founded in 1958, ISO prides itself on being the leader in providing international students with affordable insurance plans. Administered by former and current international students, we are able to assist our member with multilingual customer service in Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and more. ISO serves over 3,200 schools/colleges and more than 150,000 insured students every year.

For more information, please visit www.isoa.org and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn.

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