How to Choose a Plan?

With medical expenses in the USA being the highest in the world, buying health insurance is strongly recommended


Start by checking your
school's requirements

Always start by finding your school's requirements for insurance or waiver application.
In most cases your school publishes a list of minimum requirements for health insurance
coverage or benefits that needs to be covered by your insurance plan. The school might
include this list under Insurance Waiver Requirements or Waiver Form.

ISO assures that plans meet and exceed your school's waiver requirements, and guarantee their approval.


Compare the insurance
plans that we display to you

  • Compare the coverage or “benefits” of the plans, especially the maximum coverage of your plan.
    Please note that insurance for international students must cover repatriation and medical evacuation.
  • Compare the monthly cost together with potential out-of-pocket expenses. This is your
    responsibility to participate in the cost of medical services when you use them.
  • Notice that insurance plans use different terms to describe your share of the medical bill: deductible,
    copay, coinsurance are the main items. You want to make sure you compare similar values.
  • Look for your maximum out of pocket. This is your maximum exposure and the insurance company will pay everything above this amount (of covered expenses).

ISO offers you affordable plans that are specially designed for international students.


Compare the cost of ISO plans
to your school’s insurance
plan and save money!

Save money by waiving out of your school plan and buying ISO insurance! Savings can add
up to thousands of $$ during your course of study. Moreover, you might prefer a richer plan
by ISO. In most cases, when you add a little to your monthly cost, you will save even more…

Waive out of your school’s insurance and get ISO plans: comparable insurance at a better price.


Compare our networks
of doctors and hospitals

We offer you a choice of medical service providers networks. Together they present
more than 500,000 doctors and 4,000 hospitals. Find out how many doctors and clinics
are available near your area and check how many others are available when you travel
around the USA. Your ISO insurance is in effect anywhere in the USA, your school
insurance might offer limited emergency services only.

ISO plans cover you nationwide as well as when traveling to other countries.


Enjoy many more extra
services “they” do not have

Compare how easy it is to find a doctor with ISO, file a claim or simply buy insurance. When reviewing plans, check who will answer when you contact the insurance company, in what language and how fast and effective they will be when you need assistance. ISO customer care unit is renowned for its speedy service and multilingual capabilities. Your email inquiries are answered within one business day and phone calls are answered immediately. Our claims department also offers multilingual services. They are attentive and standing by to assist you. Moreover, your online account is up to date with your insurance documents available 24/7.

At ISO, customer care is our main concern. Our online services are the most advanced in the market.

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