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Important Information About COVID-19

ISO Customer Care | Mar 24, 2021

Important Information About COVID-19 coverage, testing, vaccine, etc.

中学生留学保险计划 - 为孩子的健康保驾护航

Sagi | Mar 01, 2021

中学生留学保险计划 - 为孩子的健康保驾护航

Employment After Graduation: What to Know When Applying for OPT

Madia Bestman | Feb 16, 2021

If you intend to stay in the United States post-graduation and start working in your field of study, then you must apply for employment authorization. For more information on the OPT application process, read here.

What to know about the COVID-19 Vaccine for International Students

Madia Bestman | Feb 04, 2021

There are a lot of unknowns regarding how/when the vaccine will be offered to people residing in the U.S. With this, we set out to answer some of the questions you might have about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Tips for Staying Healthy During Flu Season

ISO Customer Care | Jan 29, 2021

Every year, the cold weather brought on by the winter creates a period of time known as "flu season". It's important to be prepared and know how to protect yourself during these times. Read more to see what to do to stay healthy during flu seasons.

International Students: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requirements and Exemptions

ISO Customer Care | Jan 29, 2021

Some institutions have updated their health insurance policy which now requires students to purchase an Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant insurance. We answer all questions you may have in this article.

Insurance Terminologies International Students Need to Know

Madia Bestman | Jan 11, 2021

Insurance policies can be filled with words and phrases that are not commonly used in everyday conversation. Here are some of the most common insurance terms that you need to know.

International Student Guide: Visiting a Doctor in the U.S.

Madia Bestman | Jan 11, 2021

Visiting a medical provider in the U.S. can get confusing, as there many different types of facilities you can go to. Read more to find out the correct provider to visit to better assist your medical condition.

Mental Health and Wellness of College Students – Recognize the signs and know when to seek help

ISO Customer Care | Jan 08, 2021

The process of transitioning to college is a difficult journey with many stresses that you will face along the way. Learn more on how to manage your mental health with your ISO plan.

Importance of Maintaining Health Insurance in the US

Ed Zaleck | Jan 08, 2021

The healthcare system in the U.S. is expensive and creates a heightened need for international students to have an insurance plan. Learn why it is essential to be covered.

Difference Between a Claim and an EOB and How They are Related

Ed Zaleck | Jan 08, 2021

The process of getting insurance coverage for your medical bills can sometimes be hard to understand. For answers to FAQs related to the claims process, read this article.

Why ISO service is better than what you have today?

Madia Bestman | Jul 31, 2020

What are the main differences between ISO and other insurance companies? Learn why you should advance your school to ISO today!

You can earn $10 today by referring your friends to ISO!

Jenny Guan | Jul 31, 2020

ISO Referral plan allows you to refer your friends and earn $10 for every friend who purchases ISO insurance while using your referral link.

ISO Student Health Insurance Announces John McPhee as Chief Executive Officer

ISO Customer Care | Oct 18, 2019

NEW YORK, N.Y., Sept 25, 2019 – ISO Student Health Insurance (ISO) today announced that John McPhee has been named as Chief Executive Officer. He will assume day-to-day leadership of the company, effective immediately.

Jacksonville State University JSU International Student Health insurance

ISO Customer Care | Aug 14, 2019

ISO Student Health Insurance (ISO), a prominent insurance brokerage specializing in health insurance solutions for international students in the United States, today announced that the company has been selected by Jacksonville State University (JSU) amongst five brokers to be the designated health insurance provider for its international students. International students at JSU will be insured entirely through ISO starting January 1, 2020.

Don’t Worry, Stay Happy: 4 Tips for International Student Health Insurance

ISO Customer Care | Jul 18, 2019

On your way to your experience in the US, don’t forget to pick up the best health insurance for International students available to you. As this may be your first health insurance policy, we thought a few tips might be helpful

What does an international student health insurance plan cover?

ISO Customer Care | Jul 16, 2019

Now you’ve made up our mind and chose the most affordable health insurance for international students, it’s time to get to know your plan benefits.

The (unofficial) International Student Handbook

ISO Customer Care | Jun 25, 2019

The Unofficial International Student Handbook - we asked our members what practical advise they want, here is what they receive from ISO.

International Student Health Insurance videos

ISO Customer Care | Jun 04, 2019

Videos from ISO: Healthcare in the U.S.; How to find a doctor; File a claim; Explanation of benefits.

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