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Why ISO service is better than what you have today?

Madia Bestman | Jul 31, 2020

What are the main differences between ISO and other insurance companies? Learn why you should advance your school to ISO today!

You can earn $10 today by referring your friends to ISO!

Jenny Guan | Jul 31, 2020

ISO Referral plan allows you to refer your friends and earn $10 for every friend who purchases ISO insurance while using your referral link.

Important Information About COVID-19

ISO Customer Care | May 27, 2020

Important Information About COVID-19 coverage, testing etc. Frequently Asked Questions: Coverage, Symptoms, Testing, Treatment, and How to Handle Stress

ISO Student Health Insurance Announces John McPhee as Chief Executive Officer

ISO Customer Care | Oct 18, 2019

NEW YORK, N.Y., Sept 25, 2019 – ISO Student Health Insurance (ISO) today announced that John McPhee has been named as Chief Executive Officer. He will assume day-to-day leadership of the company, effective immediately.

Jacksonville State University JSU International Student Health insurance

ISO Customer Care | Aug 14, 2019

ISO Student Health Insurance (ISO), a prominent insurance brokerage specializing in health insurance solutions for international students in the United States, today announced that the company has been selected by Jacksonville State University (JSU) amongst five brokers to be the designated health insurance provider for its international students. International students at JSU will be insured entirely through ISO starting January 1, 2020.

Why do international students need health insurance?

ISO Customer Care | Jul 19, 2019

When international students get accepted to U.S. schools, whether for a semester, a year or a full degree, you will have the exciting opportunity to experience a different environment, a different culture, new people and perhaps a new language. While you can take time learning the pop-culture and the slang, health insurance is one area where you can’t afford to let culture-shock confuse you.

Don’t Worry, Stay Happy: 4 Tips for International Student Health Insurance

ISO Customer Care | Jul 18, 2019

On your way to your experience in the US, don’t forget to pick up the best health insurance for International students available to you. As this may be your first health insurance policy, we thought a few tips might be helpful

What does an international student health insurance plan cover?

ISO Customer Care | Jul 16, 2019

Now you’ve made up our mind and chose the most affordable health insurance for international students, it’s time to get to know your plan benefits.

The (unofficial) International Student Handbook

ISO Customer Care | Jun 25, 2019

The Unofficial International Student Handbook - we asked our members what practical advise they want, here is what they receive from ISO.

International Student Health Insurance videos

ISO Customer Care | Jun 04, 2019

Videos from ISO: Healthcare in the U.S.; How to find a doctor; File a claim; Explanation of benefits.

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