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About ISO

Health insurance for international students, by international students.

Why ISO?

We know international students

Established in 1958 by international students, ISO is the world largest insurance manager for international students. We pride ourselves on our best-in-class multilingual and dedicated customer service.

We’ve got you covered

ISO insurance plans cover exactly what you need, anywhere in the USA, with our nationwide networks of doctors and hospitals. Finding a doctor in your area is very simple with online access and direct billing.

Over a million students insured

In the past 5 years, we are proud to be the first choice for over one million international students, coming from more than 200 countries & territories. We paid over $100 million in claims during this period.

Plans that meet your needs

ISO plans are designed to meet your school’s requirements and your unique needs. ISO always provide the upmost support to have your waiver approved.

What ISO can do for you and your students

Available prior, during and following.

ISO insures your students from day 1 of arrival to America and until they are ready to go back home. This Includes the period before their first semester, during summer break and through their OPT and after. We are here to provide.

Dedicated relationship manager.

Your dedicated account manager will care for your students from registration to graduation, providing them with the best services they might need. This manager will also make sure your reports are completed on time, students maintain status and all other administrative tasks you might have for the manager.

ISO, it is all about bespoke service.

Your account manager and our dedicated customer service team will ensure all details are provided according to your own preferences, starting from the plan for your students, through flexible enrollment period, billing arrangements, enrollment monitoring and claim management all the way to Student Health Center and nearby providers coordination.

Variety of plans to choose from.

ISO offers variety of plans from basic to comprehensive. Choose for your students from basic accident and sickness plans (from $31/month) to most comprehensive ACA Comparable plans (from $73/month). ISO plans are affordable in premiums as well as in cost out of pocket to students. Our group plans are designed to ensure minimal financial burden for your students. While we are fully committed to your students, we expect no commitment from your institution. We will never force you to continue with ISO due to a signed contract or similar.

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Affordability Flexibility Fast response Variety Best customer care

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