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For COVID-19 testing that are medically necessary, they will be covered as any other sickness according to your plan benefits. However, any non-medically necessary testing without any symptoms is not covered under the plan.

Please note testing done for travel or school requirement, as well as antibody testing, are not considered covered under our plans. We suggest you check the state website if there are locations that perform free testing as part of the state program.

For information about the plan coverage, you can refer to your policy’s brochure, pages 3-6.

You can learn more about COVID coverage, symptoms and treatment here: https://www.isoa.org/important-information-about-covid-19

If you are enrolled in a plan that provides wellness and preventive care, the COVID-19 vaccine will be covered 100% when visiting an in-network provider. If your plan does not provide wellness and preventive coverage, when getting the vaccine, indicate that you do not have insurance and the cost of the vaccine will be covered through the CARES Act. You can learn more about COVID-19 vaccine coverage here: https://www.isoa.org/important-information-about-covid-19

If you are having trouble understanding specific insurance terminology, please refer to our blog post at www.isoa.org/insurance-terminology-that-all-international-students-should-know

All student plans, as well as the Voyager plan, can become effective as early as the day after you complete the online enrollment and payment for your plan. Otherwise, you can select a start date. For the OPTima plans, they can only start on the 1st or 16th of the month. For example, if you enroll and purchase an OPT plan on the 10th of the month, your coverage will begin the 16th of that month.

Please visit our website and choose the plan that fits your needs. Click on the “Buy” icon and follow our convenient registration and purchasing process. Make the payment online using your credit or debit card. We will email you a confirmation letter, your insurance ID card and your plan’s brochure instantly.

No, ISO does not require members to show any proof or documents when purchasing the plan. We might ask for additional information when processing a pending claim. Please note that any failure in providing valid proof is liable to result in the denial of a claim.

No, payment for the selected period of insurance (the whole term) is due at the time of enrollment. We do not have a monthly payment option.

You may pay by debit or credit card or by an international card. We also accept payment using ACH payment or by check or money order.

Make sure the billing information you have entered is correct. Please also contact your bank and notify them that you are making a payment to ISO. If you are using an international credit card, your bank may have restrictions which need your authorization before you can make a payment. Another option would be to use a different credit/debit card to complete the purchase.

Yes, a confirmation email will be sent to you automatically after you have successfully submitted your payment. The confirmation email will have several attachments: Insurance ID card, Confirmation Letter, and your policy brochure. You can also download these documents directly from your ISO account. If you did not receive this email, please check your junk or spam folder as well.

ISO is an eco-friendly company and no physical cards will be distributed. You may print your ID card from the PDF you receive following your purchase. The ID card is also available in your online account.

The annual service fee is a mandatory fee applied to all plan enrollments and is valid for one year. You are only charged the service fee again if the new coverage period that you are purchasing is active after the initial service fee expiration date. We are not able to waive the service fee.

Unfortunately, we are unable to change your plan once it is effective.

To purchase additional coverage dates, login to your account using your Member ID and password. The Member ID can be found on your confirmation letter or medical card.

You can download the receipt on your ISO Account.

We do our best to provide the best products and service. Please refer to the "Refund of premium" section in your plan brochure.

Yes, ISO offers special plans for J1 visa holders that meet the U.S. Department of State requirements, the J1 Exchange plan and the J1 Exchange Superior plan.

You can receive a $10 referral reward for each friend that enrolls with ISO for the first time. You will find your unique referral link on your ISO account. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer! You can redeem the reward as credit towards your next insurance enrollment. Learn more here: https://www.isoa.org/ReferEarn

We do not issue the 1095 A, B or C form. We also do not issue the 1099 HC form.

ISO insurance is by far the most popular insurance for international students. More than 1 million students, from over 2500 schools and 200+ countries and territories, have purchased insurance from ISO in recent years. Our reputation has been established due to our dedicated customer service team and affordable health insurance options.

ISO insures many more international students than your college or university, every year. Therefore, we are able to offer more affordable rates to our clients. We will always offer comparable coverage to your school’s insurance, at a lower rate.

Yes, F1 OPT students with a valid EAD card can purchase the OPTima Basic Plan or the OPTima Enhanced Plan. You are eligible to the OPTima Basic or the OPTima Enhanced plan if you have applied for OPT.

No, you do not need to wait until you receive your EAD card or wait until your EAD card to be effective. You are eligible to both OPTima Basic Plan and OPTima Enhanced Plan if you filed the OPT application.

ISO plans are offered to non-U.S. citizens only. Our student plans are available for international students who are currently away from their home country and engaged in educational activity. Voyager Plan is available for part-time students, dependents, and other non-US citizens in the USA. For specific eligibility requirements please check each plan's policy brochure. If you are a permanent resident or have applied for permanent residency, you are not eligible to ISO Plans.

If you hold a U.S. citizenship, then you are not eligible to any of ISO’s insurance policies. This also applies if you have citizenship but have not resided in the U.S. for over a period of time, have a green card, or have applied for a green card.

Dependents on F2 or J2 visas can enroll with the F1/J1 visa holder's plan as a dependent. If the dependent is 7 years old or older, they also have the option to purchase their own plan, the Voyager plan. This option is usually more affordable, but fewer benefits are offered.

Yes, if you hold a valid I-20 and considered a full time student, you are eligible to ISO's student plans. Just input your personal information on the homepage to find the plans offered for your school.

Yes, you can purchase either the J1 Exchange Plan or J1 Exchange Superior Plan. You should select the effective coverage date of the policy according to your program start date or the estimated arrival date to the U.S.

ISO plans cover sicknesses and injuries. Different plans offer different levels of coverage. Please check the summary schedule of benefits in the brochure. For additional information please call our claims administrator, SISCO Benefits.

When you are visiting in-network, this means you will be receiving the services at a negotiated rate, this does not mean it will be covered at 100%. All claims will be processed according to your plan’s benefit limits.

First, confirm if it is a bill and not an explanation of benefits (EOB), which was sent to you by the insurance company. Then, contact our claims department, SISCO Benefits to check if there are any pending claims.

You should send the claim form to SISCO Benefits at ISOservice@siscobenefits.com or upload online - click on My claims section in your ISO account.

You can view our Claims Process here: www.isoa.org/ClaimsProcess

SISCO Benefits is ISO's claims and benefits department that process claims for ISO members. You can contact SISCO Benefits to check claims process, eligibility, plan coverage and other claim-related questions. SISCO Benefits's office hours are Monday to Thursday 8am – 8pm EST and Friday 8am – 6pm EST at (833) 577-2586.

If it is for the same injury or sickness, you can submit one claim form.

It is recommended to submit the claim form as soon as possible, or within 90 days of your initial date of service.

When submitting a claim, please ensure that you have the itemized bill. The itemized bill must have the name of the facility, the date of services, patient’s personal information, diagnosis code(s), CPT code(s), tax ID number and total charge of the services.

When submitting a claim for prescriptions, be sure to complete the claim form and submit it along with the prescription slip. The prescription slip will contain your personal information, the drug name, RX number, date of fill, and the amount paid.

The BIN and Group number can be found on the front of your insurance ID card.

To check your claim status, you may contact SISCO Benefits at (833) 577-2586 between 8 AM and 6 PM EST Monday through Friday or via email: ISOservice@siscobenefits.com. You can also check your claim status online by clicking on My claims section in your ISO account.

If your claim has been processed and approved, the reimbursement will be mailed to you in a form of a check to the address of file.

No, we do not offer routine dental and/or vision coverage, unless the treatment is related to a covered injury.

Claims are processed according to your plan’s benefits limit and it is not a guarantee of payments of benefits. Exact coverage is determined once the claims are processed. You may contact SISCO Benefits directly for the general coverage questions.

Yes, however you will be responsible for the cost of treatment that is not covered by your plan.

Please provide a copy of the email we sent you with your Insurance ID card and confirmation letter to your school as proof of insurance.

You should complete the waiver after you have purchased a plan. Please refer to your confirmation letter for all necessary information to complete the waiver.

You can access your completed waiver form by logging into your account on our website. You can then download the waiver form and submit it to your school. If you do not see your waiver form in your account, please email us the waiver form and we will assist you in completing it.

You should contact ISO Customer Service. Please include the waiver questions and/or screenshot of the waiver when you email us.

No, ISO is an insurance manager. The name of the insurance company is stated in your confirmation letter or brochure. Please refer to the insurance carrier section on the confirmation letter.

If you have the "Silver" or "Voyager" plan, the type of the plan is Indemnity. For all other plans, the type of plan is PPO.

Please contact ISO Customer Service and email us the waiver denial proof you received from your school. This document must include a valid reason for denial. We will do our best to assist.

You should contact your school for the waiver status.

For in-network providers, the rates of services have been negotiated between the doctors and the insurance company. Usually, your medical expenses will be lower at an in-network provider’s office compared to doctors that are out-of-network.

ISO uses three leading networks in the U.S. - First Health, Multiplan, and Cigna. Please login to your ISO account to find provider's in your area and see the network your plan uses.

Neither network is better than the other. Check your insurance ID card (top right corner) for the in-network provider that your plan works with. Having multiple networks gives ISO members more options for finding a provider’s office.

Visit a doctor, preferably one in-network. Usually when visiting in-network the provider should be able to submit a claim for you. If they are unable to submit a claim for your visit, you can file a claim. You can find claim procedures here: www.isoa.org/ClaimsProcess

You can contact the provider’s office directly to verify if they are currently participating with the network shown on your ISO insurance card. Alternatively, you can call First Health, Multiplan, or Cigna to verify if the doctor or hospital is in the networks by using doctor's office or hospital’s tax ID number.

If you are sick or injured, you can find an in-network provider by logging into your ISO account. You should call the provider’s office to schedule an appointment. When calling a provider to set an appointment, mention that your plan works with the network found on your insurance ID card. If the provider needs to verify benefits, they can contact SISCO Benefits, our claims administrator.

A student health center (SHC) is the designated medical facility on your school’s campus (also known as “school clinic”) that provides medical services for university students. Some insurance plans offer lower deductibles for treatments provided by the SHC. If your school does not have a student health center, you can find an in-network provider by signing into your ISO account.

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