What is an I-94 and How Can You Get It?


ISO Customer Care | Dec 05, 2023 Visas

As an international student in the U.S., you are probably familiar with the different forms and documents with a letter and number combination, such as I-20 and I-94. While the former is a physical document you must carry around with you when leaving and entering the country, the latter is electronic.

What is an I-94?

The I-94 is an Arrival-Departure Record Card, used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to keep track of all arrivals and departures from the U.S., only for those who are not citizens or lawful permanent residents. If you feel like you have never seen the I-94, that is because since 2013, it is created electronically.

I-94 may be needed for different applications, such as OPT and STEM OPT application, H1B, or application for green card. Luckily, it is very easily accessible via the I-94 Website – Travel Records for U.S. Visitors.

Once there, click on “Get most recent I-94” and proceed to fill out your personal information.

After filling out personal information, you will find your I-94, and can print or download it as a PDF.

Note that the section “Admit Until Date: D/S” is short for duration of status. This means anyone on F or J visa can remain in the U.S. as long as they properly maintain status, and that relevant documents such as I-20 or DS-2019 have not expired.

While ensuring that your visa documents are up to date, be sure to also have adequate health insurance coverage and protect yourself financially as well as medically. ISO provides health insurance plans for F1 international students and J visa holders that meet their school and visa requirements, and plans for those on OPT, J2/F2 dependents, H1B, and more. Check out what plan is for you here!

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ISO Customer Care | May 03, 2024 Visas


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