Don’t Worry, Stay Happy: 4 Tips for International Student Health Insurance


ISO Customer Care | Jul 18, 2019 Visa

On your way to your experience in the US, don’t forget to pick up the best health insurance for International students available to you. As this may be your first health insurance policy, we thought a few tips might be helpful:

Tip #1: You do not want to be uninsured!

Medical procedures in the US are very expensive; a casual visit to the doctor can cost hundreds of dollars, an x-ray and other tests can run into the thousands. Do yourself a favor and make sure you get insurance, ASAP!

Tip #2: Do the research.

Consider this your first course in your US studies and take the time to learn. There are several variables to the insurance formula and policies can be confusing. Premiums, deductibles, in/out of network, copays; these are terms you should try to understand, and we understand this can be tricky, since you don’t necessarily have something similar in your country to compare it to.

Tip #3: Read the fine print.

Insurance policies can vary dramatically depending on what they cover and, more importantly, what they don’t cover. If you have any medical conditions or anticipate any specific treatments, make sure that they are well covered.

Tip #4: It pays to shop around!

The insurance policy that is right in front of you may not be the best for you, even if it is the one offered by the university. Many universities allow you to waive their policy and use a different one; if that is the case, you should take advantage and weigh your options.

We hope these four tips come in handy when you are choosing the best insurance!

Best health from ISO!

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Don’t Worry, Stay Happy: 4 Tips for International Student Health Insurance

ISO Customer Care | Jul 18, 2019 Visa

For those choosing international student health insurance for the first time, here are some tips on determining your options before making a choice!

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