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At ISO we pride ourselves in our ability to be a resource to international students studying abroad in the U.S. We provide free resources on navigating the U.S. healthcare system, transitioning into new environments, understanding their insurance policy, and more! We strongly believe it is important for all international students to have health insurance to protect them from large medical bills. Our ISO representatives work with schools to further explain the importance of health insurance through presentations.

We have presented at a variety of schools over the past few years to explain the importance of health insurance while they are in the US. For schools such as DePaul University and University of Central Oklahoma, ISO is the exclusive provider , students receive an in-person or remote presentation on how to understand and use their insurance. We even work with schools where we are not the exclusive provider, these institutions include Computer Systems Institute in Illinois, American Academy of Dramatic Arts in California, and Stanton University. The goal of our presentation is to encourage students to have insurance coverage even if it is not an ISO Plan.

Topics Covered in Our Presentations: Health & Insurance in the United States

  • Introduction of U.S. Healthcare System:
    We explain to students how the healthcare system is the U.S is different compared to their home country, how insurance helps, and the risks of not being insured.
  • Accidents Happen:
    Students are shown real life scenarios on being protected at all times is important especially in the event of an accident
  • How Insurance Helps:
    To engage students we show another scenario about the risks of not being insured compared to having insurance. We use medical bills to show how insurance applies the coverage and their financial responsibility with and without insurance
  • Insurance Terminology:
    Understanding your insurance policy is important, also making sure that students understand the terms to better navigate the U.S. healthcare system.
  • Knowing Your Insurance Coverage:
    We encourage students to make sure they know what is covered and excluded from their plan and how to select the right plan for them.
  • Type of Providers:
    Students learn which types of providers they should visit in the event they are sick or injured.
  • Claims Process:
    We want to ensure students are prepared and know what to do when they are having their claims processed from start to finish.
  • FAQ:
    We dedicate time for students to ask any additional questions that they may have.

Meet Niraj

ISO presentations are conducted by our Operations Officer, Niraj Jani. Niraj has been with ISO for 14 years and is a former international student from India. His expertise and personal experiences make him an ideal representative to explain the U.S. insurance system to students in an informative and relatable manner.

You can reach out to Niraj on LinkedIn or via email at

Are you interested in ISO presenting at your school? Make sure to contact us for more information, we would be glad to assist you!

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About ISO Student Health Insurance

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