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ISO Customer Care | Dec 27, 2023 Student Life

Technology in this age is a huge difference maker in improving your quality of life. Every second of your day can be meticulously planned out using any variety of programs, and college students will find the below apps and websites helpful in their everyday efforts.

Tools That Help In School

Whether it’s note-taking, organization, or studying, these programs will help bolster your academic performance across many areas.

  • Evernote: this is a multi-faceted organization tool that allows for note-taking in many ways and functions. You can create to-do lists, scan notes you’ve handwritten, and even use voice recording features as a note taking device.
  • Calendly: have your whole schedule conveniently in front of you and allow others to decide how they can fit in your schedule. You have the power to change when you can allow visits, which helps to avoid double booking.
  • Dropbox: your online storage space for documents bigger than just regular class notes. Store semester-long projects, your spreadsheets for accounting class, or the assigned 40-page reading you’ll definitely touch.
  • Quizlet: If you are looking to challenge your own knowledge in preparation for a future presentation or exam, you can use the flashcards feature to practice the content that needs memorizing.

Lifestyle Tools

While you’re submitting assignments and finishing readings, you’ll also want to take some time to consider personal care and contribute to your well-being. Here are some programs that allow you to take control of your lifestyle choices.

  • Groupon: Popular for their deals on luxury items and services, Groupon is the site to visit if you want to splurge yourself. Get discounted tickets to see your first American sporting event or book a hard-to-get reservation at a high quality restaurant.
  • UniDays: Experience budgeting through your purchases, as you’ll receive many discounts from different websites. Only usable as a student, select deals from amongst over 150 brands and save money at the same time.
  • Sleepopolis: If your sleep schedule needs fixing, or you need guidance on when to get ready for the following day, use this website to determine the amount of sleep cycles you’ll get depending on when you sleep.
  • Mint: A budgeting tool that links to your bank accounts to track your spending habits as well as income and savings to provide you financial goals that will help you become more responsible for your money.

Job Finding Tools

Even after college, your will have the task of searching for, applying, and being accepted for employment, a task that can be daunting and confusing, especially if it is your first time. Use these tools to make this experience easier in your everyday job hunt.

  • Indeed: Job site with millions of listings across all industries and an algorithm that exposes you to jobs that fit the experience mentioned in your resume and your potential for growth.
  • Handshake: A more college-student-friendly version of Indeed, Handshake uses the information in your resume to generate a profile about you, which is used to attract job listings that fit your professional history and skills.
  • Your college's mobile app: Nothing will give you a more direct look into the services your college offers than their mobile app, including school notifications, class enrollments, and even job prospects. Visit an advisor to see if a mobile app is available and how to access it.

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Rate My Professor: This tool allows students to provide public feedback about their instructors and their style of teaching via reviews that can be seen by the entire student body. You can use it for finding a future professor or speak on behalf of ones you’ve already had.
  • Coursera: For those looking to improve themselves outside of classes, you can use this app to pick up new skills via their vast selection of open online courses. You even earn proof of course completion via a certificate, which looks great when building your resume.
  • ColdTurkey: A niche app for notorious procrastinators, you can set yourself up to avoid outside distractions through your phone. Temporarily block off certain apps and internet access so you can put all your focus on work.
  • Canva: This app appeals to both the statistically minded as well as the creatives, using simple drag-and-drop methods to build together your next presentation, ad, or visual board.

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