What is an I-94 and How Can You Get It?

ISO Customer Care | Dec 05, 2023 Visas

The I-94 is one of many forms international students may need to be accustomed to. We explain what it is and it's purpose in the following article.


How To Pass the F1 Visa Interview

Ed Zaleck | Dec 01, 2023 Visas

The F1 visa interview can be overwhelming for prospective students, which is why we put together all the information you need to help you prepare.


STEM OPT申请完整攻略(含I-983表格填写指南)

ISO Customer Care | Jul 14, 2023 Visas

准备申请STEM OPT延期的同学们快收下这份超全申请攻略,从申请前的准备资料到表格填写指南再到如何提交,一站式搞定STEM OPT申请!


STEM OPT申请流程及攻略

ISO Customer Care | Jul 07, 2023 Visas

想要顺利申请 STEM OPT延期,这些申请前的注意事项快来了解一下!


F1-CPT: What is it and how does it differ from F1-OPT?

Ed Zaleck | Jul 06, 2023 Visas

Learn more about the rules and what it takes to be approved for your F1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT).


Tips for a Smooth Transition to Optional Practice Training (OPT)

Stacy Phu | May 16, 2022 Visas

During your studies in the US, international students have the option to work in their field of study while on OPT. Find out our 5 tips to help you ease into the transition.


International Students’ Pathway to US Citizenship

Stacy Phu | May 02, 2022 Visas

Becoming a U.S. citizen has no direct path but use this guide for the ways international students can transition from student status to permanent residency!


Employment After Graduation: What to Know When Applying for OPT

Madia Bestman | Jun 29, 2021 Visas

If you want to stay in the U.S. post-graduation and start working, then you must apply for employment authorization. For more on the OPT application process, read above.


Your Guide to Apply for the H1B Visa

Ed Zaleck | Jun 29, 2021 Visas

The H1B visa is one way the U.S. retains highly skilled international workers, making it very competitive to get one. Read above for all you need to know about getting approved.


All You Need To Know About Applying For a J1 Visa

ISO Customer Care | Jun 29, 2021 Visas

The U.S. is home to an abundance of research programs and are always looking for new perspectives from scholars abroad. Read more about how you can apply for a J1 visa here.


All You Need To Know About The F1 Visa Application

Ed Zaleck | Jun 29, 2021 Visas

Applying for the F1 student visa can be a confusing process. Read here to learn more about becoming an international student in the United States!

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