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How to Earn Referral Rewards for the ISO Essential Plan

Jonathan Perez | Jan 16, 2024 Latest from ISO

While a $0 premium and 100% coverage may sound attractive to many, now learn how to earn rewards for getting other eligible New Yorkers the same benefits! See more information in this blog.


Introducing ISO’s Referral+ Program

ISO Customer Care | Jan 03, 2024 Latest from ISO

Introducing our exclusive, limited-time-only Referral+ Program – earn EXTRA REWARDS with an AMAZON gift card.


ISO in 2023: A Recap

Jonathan Perez | Nov 20, 2023 Latest from ISO

Take an insider look into a year through ISO's perspective and the thought process behind many of the events and opportunities we have supported in 2023.


Resources ISO Provides To Help International Students

Minho Lee | Nov 03, 2023 Latest From ISO

Discover how ISO provides valuable resources and support to members, helping them navigate their life in the US, understand health insurance, and make the most of their plans during the enrollment.


ISO Goes International!

ISO Customer Care | Aug 14, 2023 Latest From ISO

On our 65th anniversary, ISO launches UK Gold - a private medical insurance plan in the UK dedicated to international students. Read more to find out about the plan details.


What is the New York State Essential Plan?

Jonathan Perez | Aug 04, 2023 Latest From ISO

Learn more about ISO's free, high-coverage health insurance option for international students and New Yorkers, in partnership with NY State of Health.


ISO Student Health Insurance: A 65 Year Story

Jonathan Perez | Jul 27, 2023 Latest From ISO

For 65 years, ISO grew from a small international student organization to a market leader in international student insurance. Follow our history and see what we've achieved through the years!


ISO School Presentations

ISO Customer Care | Jan 19, 2022 Latest From ISO

Our presentations stand to inform students the importance of insurance coverage and provide resources to navigate the U.S. healthcare system.


ISO Referral Program

ISO Customer Care | Jan 07, 2022 Latest From ISO

Want to earn a $10 referral credit towards your next ISO purchase? Send your referral link to friends and earn!


ISO Partners with Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance

Madia Bestman | Aug 19, 2021 Latest From ISO

ISO Partners With Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance.


ISO Announces Exclusive Partnership with the University of South Florida Students of India Association

ISO Customer Care | Aug 02, 2021 Latest From ISO

ISO Announces Exclusive Partnership with the University of South Florida Students of India Association


ISO Announce Partnership with Principia University and Minerva Schools at KGI

ISO Customer Care | Jul 30, 2021 Latest From ISO

ISO Announce Partnership with Principia University and Minerva Schools at KGI


Why ISO service is better than what you have today?

Madia Bestman | Jul 31, 2020 Latest From ISO

What are the main differences between ISO and other insurance companies? Learn why you should advance your school to ISO today!


ISO Student Health Insurance Announces John McPhee as Chief Executive Officer

ISO Customer Care | Oct 18, 2019 Latest From ISO

As of September 25, 2019, John McPhee will assume leadership of ISO Student Health Insurance as new CEO, effective immediately.


Jacksonville State University JSU International Student Health insurance

ISO Customer Care | Aug 14, 2019 Latest From ISO

Starting January 1, 2020, ISO will be the designated health insurance provider for Jacksonville State University! Read more details here.


The (unofficial) International Student Handbook

ISO Customer Care | Jun 25, 2019 Latest From ISO

The Unofficial International Student Handbook - we asked our members what practical advise they want, here is what they receive from ISO.


International Student Health Insurance videos

ISO Customer Care | Jun 04, 2019 Latest From ISO

Videos from ISO: Healthcare in the U.S.; How to find a doctor; File a claim; Explanation of benefits.

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