What is the New York State Essential Plan?

Jonathan Perez | Aug 04, 2023 Insurance

Learn more about ISO's free, high-coverage health insurance option for international students and New Yorkers, in partnership with NY State of Health.


How Can ISO Break Insurance Barriers for International Students?

ISO Customer Care | Jul 08, 2023 Insurance

Navigate through the sometimes-challenging U.S. healthcare system with the resources in this guide!


Tips For Making Insurance Plan Selection Easier

ISO Customer Care | Jun 30, 2023 Insurance

Healthcare in the United States is not the easiest thing to comprehend. Learn what international students should consider when making their decision for health insurance.


Why You Should Refer a Friend to ISO

ISO Customer Care | Jun 29, 2023 Insurance

Learn more about ISO's referral program and how it can benefit both you and your friends!


Tips and Secrets to Filling Prescription Drugs

Jenny Guan | Jun 29, 2023 Insurance

Lessen the complications of filling prescriptions in the U.S. by learning everything about prescription drugs from start to finish!


International Student FAQs – Types of Medical Providers In US

Ed Zaleck | Jun 23, 2023 Insurance

With all the chaos involved with the healthcare process, it becomes difficult to even truly understand what type of providers are available. Read more for answers to common provider questions.



ISO Customer Care | May 01, 2023 Insurance



F1-OPT: A Comprehensive How-To and FAQs

Jonathan Perez | Apr 28, 2023 Insurance

Graduating international students will have lots of questions about the process of entering their F1-OPT and the steps afterward, and this guide will look to answer all of them.


Insurance Terminology That All International Students Should Know

ISO Customer Care | Mar 16, 2023 Insurance

Insurance policies can be filled with words and phrases that are not commonly used in everyday conversation. Here are some of the most common insurance terms that you need to know.



ISO Customer Care | Feb 15, 2023 Insurance



Why Continuous Coverage is Important

Jonathan Perez | Feb 01, 2023 Insurance

Learn why coverage matters so much in a country where insurance can mean the difference between your education or expulsion.


Five Reasons to Avoid the Emergency Room in the U.S.

Ed Zaleck | Jan 27, 2023 Insurance

One of the most common confusions international students have in the U.S. is determining when to go to the emergency room. Find out why it's best to avoid going there.



ISO Customer Care | Jan 26, 2023 Insurance



留学生必备指南 - 理赔攻略

ISO Customer Care | Jan 13, 2023 Insurance



美国看病须知 - 就医流程全科普(下)

ISO Customer Care | Dec 29, 2022 Insurance



How Much Does Healthcare Really Cost in the United States?

ISO Customer Care | Dec 21, 2022 Insurance

Before you seek any healthcare services, know how much you’ll spend and how you can get around high medical bills.


Tips To Help You Waive Out Of Your School Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Ed Zaleck | Dec 13, 2022 Insurance

Many universities provide a costly school-sponsored insurance option but allow you to waive out of it. Here's what to keep in mind when waiving out of your school plan.


美国看病须知 - 就医流程全科普(上)

ISO Customer Care | Dec 13, 2022 Insurance



What Is an Insurance Waiver and Why Should I Use It?

ISO Customer Care | Dec 12, 2022 Insurance

Put yourself in charge of deciding insurance options by learning how and why waiving your school plan is important to you.


Cinco razones para evitar la sala de emergencias en los Estados Unidos.

ISO Customer Care | Dec 08, 2022 Insurance

Una de las confusiones más comunes que tienen los estudiantes internacionales en los Estados Unidos es determinar cuándo ir a la sala de emergencias. Descubra por qué es mejor evitar ir allí.


Cómo usar su plan de seguro ISO

ISO Customer Care | Nov 09, 2022 Insurance

Use nuestra guía paso-a-paso para usar su seguro para hacer citas, y tambien ver las diferencias con el proceso de su país de origen.


¡Cómo te ayuda ISO!

ISO Customer Care | Oct 21, 2022 Insurance

¡Navegue a través del sistema de salud de los EE. UU., que a veces es desafiante, con los recursos de esta guía!


美国看病指南: 一篇搞定美国各种医生类型

ISO Customer Care | Oct 13, 2022 Insurance



¿Qué es una exención y por qué debo usarla?

ISO Customer Care | Oct 11, 2022 Insurance

Póngase a cargo de decidir las opciones de seguro aprendiendo cómo y por qué es importante para usted renunciar a su plan escolar.


Por qué todos los estudiantes internacionales deben tener un seguro médico en los Estados Unidos.

ISO Customer Care | Oct 10, 2022 Insurance

Comprender por qué el seguro de salud es tan importante en los Estados Unidos puede resultar confuso. Lea esto para ver por qué todos los estudiantes internacionales deben estar asegurados.


3 Pasos Para Encontrar Médicos, Clínicas y Hospitales

ISO Customer Care | Sep 30, 2022 Insurance

Si bien encontrar un proveedor puede parecer complicado, hemos dividido el proceso en tres pasos simples. ¡Usa estos consejos si tienes problemas!


How To Use Your ISO Insurance ID Card

Ed Zaleck | Sep 14, 2022 Insurance

Your insurance ID card is important to have available to get covered for your medical services. Learn how to use yours here.


Terminologia de seguros que todos los estudiantes interncionales deben saber

ISO Customer Care | Aug 19, 2022 Insurance

Las pólizas de seguro están llenas de frases que no se usan comúnmente todos los días. Aprenda los términos básicos que debe saber para comprender el sistema médico en los Estados Unidos.


Health Checklist for International Students Before Arriving in U.S.

Ed Zaleck | May 25, 2022 Insurance

Healthcare is expensive in the U.S. and one way to avoid spending is by getting medical services done prior to leaving home. Learn more above.



ISO Customer Care | May 13, 2022 Insurance

各位新生们在和学姐学长交流或者刚到美国时,经常会听到waiver或waiver deadline之类的词。那么waiver到底是什么呢?


How International Students Can Pay Their Medical Bills

Ed Zaleck | May 02, 2022 Insurance

Health care procedures can be complicated, which includes the billing process from medical providers. Avoid future confusion using these tips!



ISO Customer Care | Apr 29, 2022 Insurance



What Students are Saying About ISO

Stacy Phu | Apr 27, 2022 Insurance

We’ve gathered testimonials from our members here at ISO. Find out what students have to say about us...


What to Consider Before Enrolling in ISO Plans

Stacy Phu | Apr 11, 2022 Insurance

Knowing what you and your school need in an insurance plan is important, so consider the items listed here before enrolling with ISO.



ISO Customer Care | Mar 31, 2022 Insurance



Why All International Students Should Maintain Health Insurance in the U.S.

Ed Zaleck | Mar 25, 2022 Insurance

Understanding why health insurance is so important in the U.S. can be confusing. Read this to see why all international student should be insured.


What Does An International Student Health Insurance Plan Cover?

ISO Customer Care | Mar 18, 2022 Insurance

Now you’ve made up our mind and chose the most affordable health insurance for international students, it’s time to get to know your plan benefits.


3 Steps to Find Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals

Stacy Phu | Mar 03, 2022 Insurance

While finding a provider may sound complicated, we have broken down the process into three simple steps. Use these tips if you’re having trouble!


How To Use Your ISO Insurance Plan

Ed Zaleck | Jan 19, 2022 Insurance

Use our step-by-step guide for using your insurance to make appointments, as well as differences from the process in your home country.



ISO Customer Care | Jan 12, 2022 Insurance




ISO Customer Care | Jan 12, 2022 Insurance




ISO Customer Care | Jan 12, 2022 Insurance




ISO Customer Care | Jan 11, 2022 Insurance




ISO Customer Care | Aug 25, 2021 Insurance



What is a Hard Waiver?

ISO Customer Care | Jun 29, 2021 Insurance

When trying to waive out of your school’s health insurance plan, you may come across terms like “Hard Waiver”. Find out what these terms mean and how they affect your insurance.


Do You Need to Buy Health Insurance as an International Student?

Madia Bestman | Jun 29, 2021 Insurance

Getting health insurance as an international student in the U.S. is a must but can be hard to understand. Read more to see what insurance options you can explore.


Difference Between a Claim and an EOB and How They are Related

Ed Zaleck | Jun 29, 2021 Insurance

The process of getting insurance coverage for your medical bills can sometimes be hard to understand. For answers to FAQs related to the claims process, read this article.


International Student Guide: Visiting a Doctor in the U.S.

Madia Bestman | Jun 29, 2021 Insurance

There's many different types of medical facilities you can go to in the US. Read more to find the correct provider to visit to better assist your medical needs.


International Students: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requirements and Exemptions

ISO Customer Care | Jun 29, 2021 Insurance

Some U.S. schools require students to purchase or waive using an Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant insurance. We answer all questions you may have about this above.

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