Why Having Health Insurance in Winter is Important

John Garrido Ayala | Jul 07, 2023 Health

As winter approaches, so do seasonal illnesses and accidents. Learn more about how health insurance can protect you.


¿Cuánto cuesta realmente la atención médica en los Estados Unidos?

ISO Customer Care | Oct 25, 2022 Health

Antes de buscar cualquier servicio de atención médica, sepa cuánto gastará y cómo puede evitar las facturas médicas elevadas.


COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs: All You Need To Know

Ed Zaleck | Jun 27, 2022 Health

Though a majority of international visitors are vaccinated against COVID now, we understand you may still have questions. Review more at the link above.


How to Improve or Treat Your Mental Health

ISO Customer Care | Jun 22, 2022 Health

Our mental health is incredibly important for our day-to-day lives. Through the acts set by this guide, you can work to improve your mental health day by day.


Viral Mutations and What They Mean for the COVID-19 pandemic

ISO Customer Care | Feb 11, 2022 Health

Learn how new variants of COVID and viruses are made, as well as where the future is headed with the information in this guide!


What to Do if You Think You Have COVID-19

Stacy Phu | Jan 19, 2022 Health

Here is a simple guide to help you understand your options and the appropriate measures to take when exposed or test positive for COVID-19 according to the CDC.


Important Information About COVID-19

ISO Customer Care | Jun 29, 2021 Health

Important Information About COVID-19 coverage, testing, vaccine, etc.


Mental Health and Wellness of College Students – Recognize the signs and know when to seek help

ISO Customer Care | Jun 29, 2021 Health

The process of transitioning to college is a difficult journey with many stresses that you will face along the way. Learn more on how to manage your mental health with your ISO plan.


Tips for Staying Healthy During Flu Season

ISO Customer Care | Jan 29, 2021 Health

Every year, the winter creates a period of increased illness known as "flu season". We prepared some tips to stay healthy this flu season.

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